The Stevens Family Makes Pancakes

Posted in Family Photography, Lifestyle Photography on November 30, 2009 by gingerjacobs

My favorite kind of photography is called Lifestyle Photography. I believe that real life is beautiful. When you capture a family doing things they normally do together, you get such a feeling for their home and everyone’s personalities.

The Stevens had me over for Saturday morning pancakes. I’m just going to come right out and say it. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. This is my favorite thing I’ve done in a long time.

Jake, Lindsay, and Evie, I hope you guys enjoy your slideshow. Can you see how beautiful you are?


Reese Family

Posted in Family Photography on October 19, 2009 by gingerjacobs

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting this lovely family in their beautiful home. The little boys were squirrley, and maybe not super excited about getting their photos taken so early on a Saturday morning, but I think we still managed to get some good ones! Thanks so much to Mom and Grandma for their help and enthusiasm. Here are a few of the great moments we captured:

These boys were so cute and the older one was such a great big brother. Four years apart is a good spread, I think.

Classroom Candids

Posted in School Photography on October 5, 2009 by gingerjacobs

In preparation for a school photography gig I have coming up, I accompanied a colleague to her photo shoot at a similar school last week. After she finished, the two of us had the great opportunity to visit a few of the classrooms. It was wonderful to see these kids in action, and to get to admire some of their truly spectacular work! Here are a few of my favorites:

Jared Platt Lightroom Workshop

Posted in Training on September 24, 2009 by gingerjacobs

Earlier this month, I attended an AWESOME workshop by Jared Platt. The subject was Adobe Lightroom and workflow. Lightroom is the program I use to do all of my post processing work. I LOVE it, but there’re a lot of ins and a lot of outs, (a lot of whathaveyous, as The Dude would say). I’ve been using it for about a year, but after this workshop, it’s like a brand new toy. I learned a lot about how to use it more efficiently. Post processing can be a killer for photographers. Firstly, if you spend too much time at it, your pay is reduced dramatically. Secondly, a good photographer is a good photographer because they see the beauty in the moment, they press the shutter, and capture that instant. They ‘re not necessarily good at staring at that instant a week later, and tweek tweek tweeking it for hours on end. That takes what you love about photography and kills it dead.

Not only did I learn to use Lightroom more efficiently, he also included a set of really useful actions as part of the workshop. (If you are familiar with Photoshop, you know what an action is, basically it is a one click way of applying a bunch of different steps to an image. ) Those were worth the cost of the workshop right there!

For my photographer peeps, I highly recommend this workshop. It was super packed with information. We even learned stuff through lunch! There was no time wasting at all. If you’re going to PartnerCon (I am! SO STOKED) he’s doing a workshop on November 2nd in New Orleans, so you can add that to your trip if you want.

I LOVE going to stuff like this. Maybe someday I’ll feel like I know it all and I won’t need workshops anymore, but for now, I’ll go to as many as I can. It’s so exciting to learn more about this subject I’m so passionate about, and just to be with other photographers and soak up their energy.

Todd’s Half-Yearly Hoedown

Posted in Event Photography on September 6, 2009 by gingerjacobs

Todd has two fabulous parties every year, one on his birthday, and one on his half birthday. They never disappoint! They’re SO FABULOUS that people happily pay admission, with all the proceeds going to feed the homeless. He’s a stand-up guy, that Todd.

Here’s a slideshow of my favorites.

So Fun!

There are tons more over on the website. The password for the gallery is “hoedown”.

Rachel & Sean

Posted in Weddings and Engagements on August 29, 2009 by gingerjacobs

On a lovely Sunday in August, people came from far and wide, and rode the ferry to Anderson Island to celebrate the wedding of Rachel and Sean. Here is a slide show of my favorite images from the day:

Thanks so much for including me in your special day! I can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the pictures!


Posted in Headshots on August 28, 2009 by gingerjacobs

An actor’s headshot is obviously really important. It’s how you get called in for an audition, to even have a chance at the part.

Well, this actor is doing really well, with a headshot he hasn’t updated for 10 years, so what do I know! I was stoked to get the chance to document his more mature face. Here’s hoping for a seat at that first big movie premiere.